The Dorset Youth Football League

The DYFL was founded in May 2001, and was formerly known as the Dorset Divisional Youth League,  with the aim to administer youth (boys) football in the Under 11 to Under 16 age groups.

The competition is sanctioned by the Dorset County Football Association.

The League now consists of 51 clubs and 179 teams spread over the six age groups, with approximately 2500 registered players. Although the majority of clubs are registered with the Dorset County Football Association, there are also clubs who are registered with Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire and Devon. As the Football Association allows mixed gender teams up to and including the Under 16 age group, there were over twenty girls registered with teams during 2015/2016 season. This season, the first all girls team has applied and been accepted in to the League competition.

In line with the Football Association's directive for Youth football, the DYFL has started to run a non-competitive competition in Under 11 age group from the 2015-2016 playing season. The remaining age groups remain competitive.

Also started in 2015/2016, was an annual League Cup competition which will be run in parallel with the other fixtures. The Cup culminates with a Finals Days which will be played at one venue.

This playing season,  the Finals Day will be held on 7th May 2017, the venue will be Bournemouth Sports Club (East Parley).


Latest News

Charge & Fine Procedure 2016/2017

Wednesday 14 September 2016


New Charge and Fine Procedure


From 4th September 2016, the Dorset Youth Football League will be operating the following Charge Notice and Fines procedure:-


1.    League and Registration Secretaries will present the offences to the next Management Committee meeting.



2.    The full Management Committee will discuss each offence then decide whether to charge the club and the level of the fine to be imposed.


        Any action agreed by the Committee must have taken place within 28 days of the Competition being notified


3.    The Fines and Appeals Co-ordinator  will send out the formal Charge Notice for each offence as per Rule 5D to each club


Each Offence will be given a unique Reference, for example DYFL1617/01.This Reference must be used in all correspondence


4.    If the club responds and accepts the charge then the fine indicated in the Charge Notice will be payable as per Rule 5I.


5.    If the Club does not respond within the seven day period from the date of the Charge Notice they will have deemed to have accepted the charge and the fine will be payable as per Rule 5I.


In addition, Rule 5H will be applied as they will have failed to satisfactorily deal with correspondence from the League. They will be liable to a fine or otherwise penalised at the discretion of the Management Committee.


6.    If the club denies the charge and decides to appeal, Rule 15B will be applied so they will have:-


a.     fourteen days in which to lodge the protest or complaint.

b.    to state the grounds on which the protest or complaint is based.

c.     to deposit the Protest Fee (£25) with the Fines and Appeals Co-ordinator as per Rule 15C.

d.    the opportunity to request a personal hearing to put their case to the Discipline Committee. In requesting a personal hearing the club is required to forward a deposit of £25 with the request as per Rule 5D(ii).


Once lodged, no Protest or Complaint can be withdrawn except by permission of the Management Committee


7.    If a Club has requested a personal hearing then the Fines and Appeals Co-ordinator will


a.     collate all the necessary paperwork from the club, League and Registration Secretaries relating to the protest or complaint.

b.    arrange a date, time and venue for the Discipline Committee to hear the case.

c.     give 14 days’ notice to the club and Discipline Committee and indicate who should attend.

d.    send copies of all the paperwork relating to the protest or complaint to all parties.


If a club has not requested a personal hearing then the Fines and Appeals Co-ordinator will


a.     collate all the necessary paperwork from the club, League and Registration Secretaries relating to the protest or complaint.

b.    send copies of all the paperwork relating to the protest or complaint to the Discipline  Committee.

c.     inform the club when the Discipline Committee will hear the case.


When dealing with a protest or complaint the Discipline Committee must take into account any information which, if properly used, might have avoided the protest or complaint which is in possession of the protesting or complaining club, as per Rule 15F.


8.    Either with or without a Personal Hearing, the Discipline Committee will review the facts relating to the Change then they will decide that


a      the charge stands


i.     The Fine will be issued as per Rule 5I.

ii.     The Fines and Appeals Co-ordinator will also write to the Club to explain the reasons why the  Change stands.

iii.    The Protest Fee, and Personal Hearing fee if applicable,  will be passed to the League’s Treasurer.


b.    the Charge has been withdrawn.


i.     The Fines and Appeals Co-ordinator will write to the Club to explain the reasons why the charge has been withdrawn.

ii.     The Protest Fee will be returned to the Club..


9.    After the fine has been issued then this must be paid by the Club within 14 days from the date of posting, as per Rule 5I.


10.   If the fine is not paid within the statutory period then the Management Committee can issue an additional fine  up to a maximum of £50 in addition to the original, as per Rule 5I.


11.   Further failure to pay within the statutory period will result in fixtures being withdrawn until such time as the outstanding payments are settled, as per Rule 5I.


12.   If a Club is unhappy with the decision reached by the Management Committee then they can appeal to the Dorset County Football Association, as per Rule 16.

Transfer Process

Thursday 08 September 2016


Guide to the Transfers of Players between Clubs


Rule 8* Transfer process:


i.           A player may only transfer between 1st October and 31st January in any season, except by special permission of the Management Committee.


ii.         A player registered for any Club affiliated to any County Football Association shall not be allowed to be transferred in the Competition without first proving to the officials of the intended Club that the player has discharged all reasonable financial liabilities to the previous Club or Clubs for which the player last played.


iii.                  The Club, the player wishes to transfer to shall :-

(i)                  Give the Club secretary that the Player is currently registered with seven (7) days formal written ‘Notice of Approach’, copied to the Registration secretary.

(ii)                Upon receipt of the Club's consent, request a Transfer Form from the Registration secretary.

(iii)                         Get the Transfer Form completed by the Current and New Club.

(iv)              Return the Transfer Form, current Registration card, new Registration card, transfer fee (as shown in the Financial Appendix) and return stamped addressed envelope to the Registration secretary.


iv.       On receipt of the correct transfer documentation is received by the Registration secretary the transfer process will be completed and the new registration card returned to the new club. This can take up to seven (7) days to complete and then return.


v.         If a Club fails to give written objection within seven days, the Registration secretary may, on behalf of the Management Committee initiate the transfer process. The player will be deemed eligible to play for the new Club after receipt of the new registration card.


vi.       In the event of an objection to a transfer the matter shall be referred to the Competition Management Committee for a decision.


vii.      A Club which is the subject of a complaint alleging failure to give notice in accordance with this Rule may be subject to a charge of misconduct.


viii.    Where a player has registered for a team that has withdrawn from the Competition and his Registration card returned to the registration secretary, he becomes free to sign for the new club, the transfer fee and process will be waived.


ix.        The approaching Club:

(a) may not approach the same Player a second time in the same season

(b) may only approach one (1) Player at a Club at any time

(c) may not approach another Player at the same Club within twenty-eight (28) days of an earlier notice of approach acknowledgement


x.         During the current season a maximum of two (2) Players may be approached in the manner described above.



xi.        A player who has played for a team in a higher Division six (6) times or more shall not in the season be eligible to play in a lower Division except by permission of the Management Committee.


xii.      During the current season a player who has played in the County Cup for a previous Club is not allowed to play for a Club, in the County Cup, that the player has transferred to.